What we do

The Rays of Health is a healthcare program providing poor mothers and families in rural areas with the proper health care they deserve. Our work at ROH is simply, promoting sustainable health care change for the world’s poorest NOT charity. ROH depends upon reliable donors and dedicated volunteers to ensure the best possible care for our patients and their families.

Not only do we seek help from volunteer doctors and nurses; but also train and encourage Ugandan health workers so that they can start to practice in their respective home communities where their skills are most urgently needed. By increasing the total number of trained health workers in high need areas, we improve access to care and the health of the world’s poorest.

Access to basic community healthcare is an essential and often forgotten need.

ROH provides:

  • Rural poor communities access to healthcare
  • visits by volunteer healthcare professionals to remote villages
  • Regular health education “prevention is better than cure”
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Awareness/early detection of health issues
  • Transportation means/arranges an ambulance for emergency to the nearest referral hospital.
  • Healthcare literature for healthcare professionals and also for service users example “Where there is no doctor”, posters reminding mothers about immunisation e.t.c.

Families enrolled with our health centres pay a very minimal amount in form of insurance and receive medical care. The amount charged is used to keep the health centres running by paying nurses and doctors and also to keep the constant flow of medical supplies. Those who cannot afford the insurance participate in local projects to address community-wide health issues and promote service learning; examples include, peer nutrition training and roads clean up, tree planting especially the medicinal NEEM tree that is mosquito repellent, cures several illness’s and also used as herbal tea.

Check our programs to find out how we do it!

Our Programs

Our health programs include community-run clinics, health leadership training and maternal and child health services for the poor. Additionally We have two projects under the health out-reach program: “Mission – Action Health” and “Mission – Health Cycle”


Mission – Health Cycle

With the help of volunteers, this program runs every one or two months in our rural health centres or at our partners centres (churches or schools) where families enrolled in the program receive free primary … Read more

Mission – Action Health

Mission – Action Health:  Each year large teams of volunteer nurses, doctors, educators and students get together once a year to run two weeks of free mobile medical camps in rural communities.  During the camps … Read more


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