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If you are looking for a unique opportunity to serve others, and at the same time learn new skills and make new friends, consider volunteering with ROH. We would be very happy to work with you in one of our communities here in Uganda!

Medical/Health Volunteers Needed

ROH is looking for passionate and motivated individuals or a small group of medical volunteers who must give generously of themselves, to travel to Uganda for even two days and as long they like.

You are welcome any period of the year to help with rural community outreach projects or work at a rural health centre, simply a desire to save the lives of the rural poor.


  • ROH volunteer can participate in the recruitment & training of community nurses and community health promoters (CHPs) about different aspects of health who will take back the knowledge they learn to their respective communities; help/advise in areas of fundraising.
  • ROH volunteer will work with local doctors/nurses to provide primary health care services for minor sicknesses.
  • Treating minor illnesses
  • Looking after pregnant women and caring for children
  • Family planning services
  • Promotion of sanitation and hygiene
  • Screening for communicable diseases
  • Performing health education activities
  • Collect statistics, maintain records and provide healthcare referrals
  • Be part of one of the outreach programs and advice means for funding rural healthcare project facilities; establish new and beneficial partnerships for ROH Volunteers.

We are grateful for any advice and ideas addressing the improvement of our healthcare programs.

What ROH provides

  • ROH provides all its volunteers with accommodation in form of home stays and meals while at the host family.
  • ROH has a partnership/arrangement with most hospitals and universities in Uganda e.g. Mulago National Referral Hospital, Mengo Hospital, Nsambya Hospital, Rubaga Hospital, Children Medical Centre; all in Kampala, Bwindi Community Hospital in Kanungu and Rushere Hospital in Kiruhura District, Western Uganda among others; can easily arrange internship or research for its volunteer students while sparing one or two days a week to help in our rural community projects.
  • Medical students on internship will be awarded with certificates for University credit at the end of their placements.
  • Our volunteer programs are offered year-round from one day to any period that a volunteer would wish to be with ROH.

Applicant Requirements

  • We encourage practicing doctors or nurses, retired doctors or nurses to apply BUT you do not have to be a doctor, nurse or any other medical personnel to serve. Although our outreach teams do have professional medical personnel as their mainstay, there are many roles to be filled by general volunteers that bring their own unique skills to the team.  Medical students at university or college on internship are also welcome to participate.
  • Cross-cultural understanding, responsiveness and flexibility to changing circumstances (because things are bound to go differently than expected in the field!).
  • A letter of reference from a doctor or University/college and a recent medical report (scanned) MUST be sent to the following address:; at least three weeks before you travel to Uganda.
  • Self-starters who have demonstrated the ability to work independently and in collaboration with other team members.
  • Apart from the accommodation and meals at home stays, this trip is paid for by the volunteers. As a result, volunteers should be prepared to travel and live inexpensively.

Enjoy a true cultural immersion by staying in a home stay with local families, while working hand-in-hand with local counterparts; this provides rewarding hands-on challenges for volunteers.

Most of all, this volunteer experience will benefit you the Joy of knowing you are making a difference in the lives of the poor!

Please send all applications to info [at]

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